• Starters
  • Cold dish
  • Large alads
  • Pasta dish
  • Main course
  • Desert
Small/large portion of olives from Puglia 2,50/4,00
Portion of Taleggio cheese 4,00
Portion of Nostranello (local) cheese 4,00
Portion of Gorgonzola cheese 5,00
Portion of Parmesan (specially bred cows) 5,00
Portion of goats cheese (made near Bellagio) 4,50
ortion of sheeps cheese (made near Bellagio) 5,00
Hot wrap with cheese, ham and salad 4,20
Hot wrap with cheese, Parma ham and salad 4,50
Hot wrap with cheese, tuna and salad 4,20
Rocket/arugola, parmesan and baby tomatoes 6,50
Lettuce, Feta, tomatoes and red onion 7,00
Small cheese and ham toastie 3,20

Cold dish    
Local dried beef with parmesan shavings 8,00
Parma Ham with fresh melon (in season) 7,50
Mixed cold cuts / Salamis 8,00
Buffalo mozzarella with Parma ham 12,00
Mixed cold cuts and cheeses (regular) 12,00
Mixed cold cuts and cheeses (large) 20,00
Mixed cold cuts and cheeses (extra large) 35,00

Large salade    
Buffalo mozzarella with tomatoes and basil 9,00
Lettuce, tuna, egg, red onions and tomatoes 10,00
Lettuce, avocado, Feta and baby tomatoes 9,00
Lettuce, walnuts, avocado, Feta and tomatoes 11,00
Lettuce, Gorgonzola, walnuts and apples 11,00
Buffalo mozzarella, avocado and tomatoes 12,00

Pasta dish    
Soup of the day 6,50
Spinach and ricotta ravioli in butter sauce 6,50
Meat lasagne 6,50
Pizzoccheri Valtellinesi 6,50

Main course    
Casola (local stew with sausage & spare rib) 10,00
Polenta and melted Gorgonzola 8,00
Polenta and melted Taleggio 8,00
Melanzane alla parmigiana 8,50
Mixed Italian cheeses 10,00
Portion of polenta 3,00

Margherita’s chocolate cake 4,20
Chocolate cake with ice cream 5,20
Dessert of the day 5,00
Strawberries with sugar and lemon 4,20
Strawberries with ice cream 5,20
Mixed berries with sugar and lemon 5,50
Mixed berries with ice cream 6,50
Plain ice cream per scoop 1,00
Ice cream drowned in coffee 4,00
Ice cream drowned in whisky or Baileys 6,00
Almond biscotti with Vin Santo 4,00
Local butter biscuits with Passito wine 4,50
Soft amaretti with Moscato d’Asti 5,00
Italian chocolate with Barolo Chinato 6,00
Dried fruit with Marsala aged for 8 years 4,00
Mixed local biscuits 3,00




Our food is all fresh and Italian and we are constantly on the lookout for
local products. We are especially proud of our salamis and cheeses some of
which are made by Lake Como. We hope you can also appreciate their unique


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